A Beagle Birthday

Emma first birthday

Yes, I am the crazy lady who is about to do a post on her dog.  Crazy beagle lady to be exact.  I’m perfectly okay with this though, so prepare yourself for an overload of adorable beagle photos.

I thought we should take a quick break from the food to wish Emma a very happy birthday!  Technically her birthday was yesterday but that’s okay.  I don’t think she’s reading this anyway : )  I’m funny huh?

This picture with the birthday hat was actually from her 1st birthday (she just turned 6), but I thought it was too funny not to share.  We didn’t exactly celebrate her birthday, but I did make her a few of these homemade peanut butter blueberry dog treats.  My husband seems to think it’s strange to celebrate your dog’s birthday.  Whatever.

I’ll leave you with a few Emma photos from over the years.  I’ll be back on Friday with a new cupcake recipe!

Emma food

If only my tongue was longer… maybe I could reach that placemat?! Wait, where’s the food?

Emma person

See, I’m a person too.  I can sit at the table just like you.  Now give me your food.

Emma trouble

Really, I like to get into trouble.  I can’t help it.