Life Lately – Spring 2013

Flowers in DC

So many pretty flowers.  But of course we missed the cherry blossom festival in DC … again.  For like the seventh year in a row.

Trips to NJ

A few trips to visit my family in New Jersey.  To celebrate Easter, my sister’s birthday and a very special first communion.

Emma and Simba

The ensuing showdowns that took place between Emma and her cousin Simba while we were there.  They’re not exactly the best of friends.  Frenemies, more like it.  Emma is a little tired after these trips.  It’s hard being a beagle.

Grandma's recipe books

Getting to look through my grandma’s old recipe books.  Priceless.

A southern season

A quick trip to North Carolina – where we discovered this place after hearing so much about it.  Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome.


And just one more picture of my snuggly beagle.  Because she’s the cutest dog on the planet.  Not that I’m biased or anything : )