Life Lately – Start of Summer

Iced coffee and wawa

It’s been hottttt lately.  And homemade iced coffee has become part of my daily routine once again.  But when we visit family in New Jersey I make an exception to have the best coffee on the planet.

Cake baking and bridal shower

Speaking of visiting family, we made a trip to New Jersey for part of Memorial Day weekend.  There was cake baking with my mom and a fun bridal shower for my best friend from college.

Grilling in New Jersey

There was lots of grilling and playing in this little thing called grass that Emma absolutely loves.

Ice cream cake

There was celebration ice cream cake from my very favorite local ice cream shop in the town where I grew up.  And no, I’m not 233.  My mom is super sweet and wanted to celebrate our anniversary and a birthday.  And yes, that is cookie dough and cookies and cream with heavenly little crunchies in between.

Emma bath time

And just in case you were wondering, this is how bath time goes down at our house.