Life Lately – Goodbye DC, Hello NC

Well, it’s official.  After over 7 years of living and working in DC, we have packed up and headed south to the Raleigh / Durham area of North Carolina for my husband’s work.  As you are reading this, our moving truck has hopefully arrived at our new place and I am in the midst of many many boxes.  Like lots of boxes.

DC Metro Area | Cookie Monster Cooking

A few photos of the DC area captured with my iPhone.

This move is a little bittersweet.  While I certainly will not miss the traffic in DC (or my usual hour long commute to go less than 8 miles), we definitely had a lot of good times.  I met my husband while living there, made some wonderful friends and considered it home.

The last few weeks were a bit strange.  I transitioned out of my job – where I would have been for 5 years this fall.  We tied up loose ends, said our goodbyes and snuck in last visits to our favorite places.  My husband and I have both known for a while that we did not want to stay in the DC  area long term, but it’s still a little sad to leave.

Yet, I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to be in North Carolina.  We’re already pretty smitten with the area after visiting to find a place to live.  Although the move is a little ironic for me – I went to college in NC and at the time never figured I’d be back : )  Funny how things work out, huh?

North Carolina Trip | Cookie Monster Cooking

A few photos from a trip to explore the Raleigh / Durham area.

So, please bear with me for the next few days as we get settled into our new city.  We currently have no internet and my kitchen is all still packed up in boxes.  Lots of boxes.  I know, I already told you about all the boxes : )