Life Lately – Summer 2013

Raleigh / Durham

We’re finally settled and have started to explore our new area here in North Carolina.  Gorgeous drives, local farmers’ markets, planting herbs on our deck and our beagle enjoying herself on the porch.

Family Graduation Party

This summer has also been busy.  Lots of travel.  Like a trip to NJ for a family graduation party.  Fun backyard games, an awesome cake, pretty horses and a very important whiffle ball game (some pretty sweet trophies were at stake).


A quick day trip to visit my sister in NYC.  Did I mention she has an amazing view from her apartment?  There was also a great meal at a fun restaurant, which may or may not have included s’mores in a jar.  And no, I did not share.

Ocean City, MD

A weekend trip to Ocean City, MD for a bachelorette party for my best friend from college.  Emma does not like it when the suitcase comes out.  Trouble right there.  She plays a fun game where she steals things from my suitcase as I pack.


But even though she hates it when I travel, she’s always there with that adorably cute face waiting to welcome me home.