Life Lately – October 2013

Emma Halloween Costume

The squirrel costume definitely came out again this year.  Someone was not too happy about this.

Fall Wedding

We traveled up to Pennsylvania for the wedding of my best friend from college.  We had a ton of fun exploring the little town, she looked beautiful and even though I was a bridesmaid I somehow managed to get absolutely no pictures of the two of us on my phone.  Or any with my husband.  Oops.  So instead here’s an obligatory shot of me with my favorite coffee.  Wawa for life.

Fall Pumpkins

We went to an adorable local nursery to pick up some pumpkins.  And there were animals.  Wasn’t expecting that.  But total success and we now have these guys on our front porch.

Fall Activities

Lots of cozy fall activities.  I made homemade bagels for the first time.  The fireplace has been on.  A lot.  Plenty of snuggle time with my beagle, a book and some hot tea.  Emma really loves her caves.  And yes, that’s plural – she has a total of 3 just in our house.  Spoiled much?

Emma and Food

And this is what happens every single time I take photos for the blog.  Don’t let that innocent face fool you.  If I turn my back for one second she’s right on top of the table.