Life Lately – November 2013

Fall 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

Enjoying the last of fall.  1. Pretty colors.  2. More pretty colors.  3. A fun birthday party for my cousin’s twin boys.  4. Pizza night – yes, totally random but we did have pizza night a few times this fall.  So that counts, right?

Wake Forest University | Cookie Monster Cooking

A day trip to visit my alma mater.  1. Go deacs! Let’s pretend we didn’t get crushed at the game.  2. Pretty campus.  Which I haven’t seen in over 7 years … oh geez I’m getting old.  3. A pretty good lookin’ statue.  4. Me and my sis at the game.  Look, she even wore a Wake Forest sweatshirt!  Me not so much.  Oops.

Thanksgiving 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

Thanksgiving Number 1 with my family.  1. One gorgeous turkey.  2. A simple but delicious spread.  3. Emma trying oh so very hard to get food.  4. A not so happy camper when she doesn’t get said food.

Thanksgiving 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

Thanksgiving Number 2 with my husband’s family.  1. Drinks and appetizers.  2. Food, glorious food.  3. Pumpkin pie decorated cookies!  4. Oh look, someone is begging again.  Surprise surprise.

Christmas Decorations | Cookie Monster Cooking

Getting into the holiday spirit.  1. Tree is up.  2. The house is decorated.  3. Christmas mugs are in full force.  4. This is what happens when two beagles are in the same house watching the Christmas decorations go up.