Happy Holidays 2013!

Christmas Card 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

Happy holidays from our family to yours!  I just wanted to quickly say that I am so very thankful for you, all my wonderful readers, for following along and just being awesome : )

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones … and that there is plenty of good food!  And cookies, lots of cookies.

And because this wouldn’t be complete without some entertaining shots of my very favorite beagle…

Emma Christmas 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

1.  Get these silly stupid santa ears off of me.  Now.
2.  No?  Fine, I’ll try to take them off myself.  I’ve had enough.
3.  Really?  Now you stuck me in the santa suit?  I hope you get coal in your stocking mom.

Emma Christmas 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

Don’t worry, she was rewarded with a treat for her excellent {cough, not really} behavior.

Merry Christmas!!