The Little Things – January 2014

Emma |

Alright, we’re going to start a new little series here on the blog.  One of my big goals for this year is to focus on all the good things in my life and learn to let everything else roll on by without getting swept up into a giant tizzy.

For example – true story – while on a walk the other night with the husband and beagle I got a little fired up about some of the people in our neighborhood who drive too fast (I mean honestly – there are doggies and children everywhere!).  I may have yelled at a car as it whizzed by to slow down.  My husband promptly told me I was turning into Claire (Modern Family anyone? you know the episode) and I proceeded to launch into a tirade about how we need speed bumps to slow these suckers down.  Which didn’t do much to help my case that I am not Claire.

See what I mean?  I can be a little umm much at times.

So every few weeks-ish I’m going to do a post about everything that has made me happy over the last month – you know, to help keep me on track.  And forget about the crazies who drive too fast.

Warning – I live a very wild life (not so much).  Filled with lots of food and pictures of my dog.  Get ready.  So here we go.  January!

Snow |

Snow!  It snowed!!  Not very much at all but I’ll take it.  I was like a kid all day waiting for it to start and then woke up to this.  Happy happy.  Even if I didn’t get a snow day and had to work.

Coffee Mug |

My morning coffee routine in my very very favorite mug.  I mean really, it looks like a blanket!

Wine and Snacks |

Wine and snacks with girlfriends.  And chatting, lots of chatting.

Chocolate Bar |

Chocolate that cost way too much but was too good to care.

Emma Playing |

Play breaks outside in the freakishly warm weather with this little munchkin.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread |

Eating good food at random times of the day after I’ve finished taking photos.  And yes, recipe coming soon.

Trails in Woods |

Pretty trails that we can walk to from our neighborhood.

Emma with Toys |

Messing with the beagle while she’s playing with her favorite toys.  Meet snowman and reindeer.  Very original huh?

And until next time.  I’ll try to stop yelling at cars … maybe.