Cheesy Southwest Breakfast Farro

Cheesy Southwest Breakfast Farro |

I know what you’re thinking. Goodness gracious lady, enough with the farro! But. Butttt. I promise this is the last one for now. I don’t even have any other ideas floating around in my head at the moment for farro. So you can breathe a sigh of relief. See, we’re all good here.

And this is the perfect recipe to hold you over for a little bit while my creative farro juices get back to work.

Plus there is cheese. Cheese cheese cheese. Hence the name. And we all know that cheese makes the world go round. Really, it does.

Cheesy Southwest Breakfast Farro |

I love making this skillet meal for breakfast on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday deserve a little something special. Spice it up from my regular smoothie or toast action during the week.

The farro will get nice and tender and is filled with diced tomatoes, onion and of course the aforementioned cheese. I like to use pepper jack for a little bit of kick but go crazy with whatever you prefer! While the farro is cooking you’ll dice up some avocado, slice some green onions and cook up a few eggs.

And your cheesy, fill-you-up nicely breakfast (or brunch! I love a good brunch) will be done in no time.

Cheesy Southwest Breakfast Farro |

I’m guest posting for Taylor today while she’s on this crazy awesome backpacking vacation.

So head on over to Greens & Chocolate to grab the recipe for this Cheesy Southwest Breakfast Farro!