For My Grandpa


The last few days have been hard. So hard.

My sweet and amazing grandfather passed away earlier this week. After a short battle with cancer, I’m thankful that he’s in a much much better place.

Seeing the way he handled everything these last two months, I can only hope that I learn to be more like him. His positivity was just downright incredible.


I’m thankful that I got to see him right before my 30th birthday, just before he was diagnosed and while he was still simply the grandpa that I have always known. Who only wanted to talk about the yankees (die-hard fan!) and bust my husband for being a red sox supporter instead.

The grandpa who would always turn down his hearing aid so he could pretend like he didn’t hear what my grandma was saying or asking him to do.

The grandpa who told such ridiculous stories about growing up in Italy and almost took out a waiter once because he was so animated while telling them.

The grandpa who used to mortify my 13 year old self by dancing in the car when he came to pick me up from school activities to help my mom out.

The grandpa who busted some serious moves on the dance floor at my wedding.


Grandpa – you were the best. And will be so terribly missed.