Portabella Stroganoff

Portabella Stroganoff

So tell me. For those of you who celebrated, are you currently still stuffed from yesterday’s giant turkey day feast?!? Maybe went for one too many delicious rolls or pecan pie bars? No, just me?

As you are reading this, I am more than likely currently drinking my coffee from a christmas (!!) mug, playing some festive holiday music and preparing to decorate the house big time. And probably eating some oatmeal or something of the sorts to balance out everything I consumed yesterday. Because I’m snazzy like that.

I need all my energy because today is the day that my house turns into Christmas central – i.e. it looks like a snow globe threw up inside.

Tree? Check. Sparkly and all kinds of random decorations that I’ve collected over the years? Check. Fluffy fake snow? You better believe it.

Portabella Stroganoff

So. Before we move on to alllll sorts of holiday baking and other goodness I have coming your way shortly, let’s first discuss this quick and easy dinner option. Because as much as we may want to be like Buddy the Elf and stick to the four main food groups of candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup (let’s also talk about how excited I am to watch that movie – squeeeee!) – we do all need to eat real food this time of the year as well.

Which *finally* brings me to this portabella stroganoff.

A meatless version of classic beef stroganoff, but also lightened up a tad too. And no sacrifice on flavor. Winning!

Packed with portabella mushrooms, some red wine, and made creamy with just a touch of greek yogurt.

And did I mention that you can have it done and in your belly in about 30 minutes?

Portabella Stroganoff

To get the scoop on this awesome pasta dish, mosey on over to Oh My Veggies where I’m sharing the recipe!

Get it here! —> Portabella Stroganoff