The Little Things – December 2014 (Happy Holidays!)

The Little Things - December 2014 |

Oh look! Emma is giving Santa a ride to the North Pole!

I’m just popping in real quick today to wish you a very merry christmas! I hope that you have a wonderful holiday … filled with lots of cookies and cheesy appetizers. And maybe a cheese plate too. Yummmm!

I don’t have a normal little things post for you today – in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I apparently didn’t take quite as many pictures as usual to share with you everything that made me happy this month.

The cliffsnotes version? Cookies. More cookies. Dressing beagles up in ridiculous holiday costumes. Watching Christmas Vacation. Spending time with friends and family.

So. I’ll leave you with some pictures of Emma. Let’s just say she wasn’t very happy about the new christmas costume we purchased this year…

The Little Things - December 2014 |

1. Reindeer on strike! For real though, why are you making me wear this?
2. I refuse to look at you mom. Shunned.

The Little Things - December 2014 |

3. Gimme that treat you have in your hand! Enough already!
4. Sigh. Can I take this off now?

Happy holidays from Emma (and me too)!