The Little Things – March 2015

A look at the little things that made me happy in March 2015. Including my favorite beagle’s birthday, ice cream and fresh blackberries.

A cute beagle playing with a red toy.

March. What a weird month. It’s not winter, yet it’s not quite spring either. It doesn’t know what to do with itself. I say bring on April!

Although holy allergies. The pollen has definitely started by us and I don’t want anything to do with it. Go away green and yellow slime! It’s coming – that time of the year when this entire area is coated with it and I don’t even want to go outside or heaven forbid touch my car door handles – it gets everywhere!

But enough of me rambling. Let’s chat about March happiness! The little things that made me smile.

And honestly, it was a pretty uneventful month. So I have lots of beagle photos for you, as always. Are you tired of looking at Emma yet? I sure hope not.

Two macarons on a plate with a beagle begging to the side.

Macarons. I still have yet to attempt to make them myself … which is not helped by the fact that there is a place close by that sells some pretty awesome ones. The husband picked some up for us as a treat. Emma wanted in on the action.

Fresh blackberries scattered on a cream surface.

Blackberries!!!! While they certainly are not at the peak of their gloriousness, I cannot get enough. I’ve been buying at least two containers every week. Step aside blueberries, I am a blackberry fool right now.

Someone holding a cup of coffee and a beagle curled up next to them.

Sunday snuggles and coffee (obviously). I have been trying to make a huge point of stepping away from the computer, my phone, emails, social media, work, etc. at least one full day each week. And oh has it been amazing. I’ve found that it leaves me ready to go and re-inspired and invigorated and all bring on the new week!

Two pints of Jeni's ice cream stacked on each other.

Oh goodness me. So I’ve heard about Jeni’s ice cream plenty of times but never had it. And then. Then, they went and started carrying it at Target. Day made.

Someone working at a computer with a beagle sitting in her lap.

Do you see this dog? I don’t understand how this is comfortable but it’s her new thing she insists upon. Please excuse my “flash dance” outfit as my husband likes to call it and the fact that I only have half a head. It’s what happens when we try to quickly take a photo before she moves.

Two cocktails on a wooden table.

This prettiness. Homemade fennel and beet soda. Oh my word is it good. Not too sweet. Just enough beet-iness. It’s from a new{er} restaurant we tried in town. And they also have prosecco on draft <— say what?? Apparently they know the way to my heart.

A beagle waiting to get a treat.

And lastly. We celebrated my favorite beagle’s 8th (!!!) birthday this month! She got one of her special treats that her grandma bought her for Christmas. Yes, we are those people who refer to our own parents as her grandparents.

And that wraps up the month! I’m excited for Spring to really arrive. And warmer weather … oh flip flops, how I’ve missed you! I’ll be back with plenty of new recipes next week!