First-Ever Reader Survey + Some Housekeeping

First-Ever Reader Survey

Well hello! Happy Friday!

I know, this isn’t a recipe. But I have a few housekeeping things I want to tie up with you today and a little survey to help me better understand what you are interested in!

I’ve been putting off asking for your help but then I realized that I’ve been doing this little ol’ blogging thing for exactly three years tomorrow (!!!). Which just kind of blows my mind. In commemoration of this occasion, I figured it was time.

So, the survey. There are just 10 quick questions! I would love you forever if you took the time to answer them for me! Promise, it won’t take long – there’s nothing fancy or complicated or brain-busting. For most, you just check off a few boxes!

The form should load below OR you can use the following link:

Take the survey here! —> 2015 Reader Survey

And then head on down past the survey for all the other housekeeping sort of announcements!

A few housekeeping notes!

New Site Categories

New Categories in Recipe Index

Over the last few weeks I’ve added some additional categories, which should help you find what you are looking for a bit easier. These include things like pizza (seriously, why didn’t I have this before?), salads, citrus and freezer-friendly.

A note on the freezer-friendly category – the only recipes that I put in this section are dishes that I have actually frozen myself. While there are certainly other recipes on this site that may freeze great, if I haven’t done it, I didn’t put it here. I hate assumptions and it drives me nuts when something is labelled freezer-friendly but doesn’t taste the same after it is frozen! I will go back and update this category if I make an older recipe and freeze it (and it works)!

New FAQ page

There is also a new Frequently Asked Questions page – fun fun! I’ll tell you all about my hatred for seafood there and other more important topics (you can find it under the About tab)!

Unrelated, but I have also updated the resource pages a bit and will add a few more things in the coming weeks to those sections.

Google Plus


Oh Google+. I was forced to join for something I was working on. So if you hang out there and want to be friends – let’s connect. I have a whopping 30 followers – woo, so popular!


As some of you may have already noticed (the site does look a bit different these days), we are now mobile-friendly. So it should be easier for you to read on your phone and tablets! Yay!

And that’s it! I’ll stop blabbering on – I’ll be back next week with more food! <— The good stuff.