20 Strawberry Recipes To Make This Summer

Let’s talk strawberry recipes to make this summer! Desserts, main dishes, special occasions. We’re covering them all!

A collage of four photos of recipes featuring strawberries.

Strawberries!!!! Goodness, how I love them.

They are really starting to get absolutely deeelicious and my current mission is to enjoy them as much as possible this summer. To become a strawberry eating machine. Yessss.

So, in light of this, we are talking about these gorgeous berries today.

I wanted to pull together a collection of my favorite recipes for any occasion. Breakfast, dinner, dessert. And of course ideas to bring to all those potlucks and barbecues over the coming months.

I fully realize I’m cutting it close with Memorial Day, so let’s just pretend that instead I am getting a nice head start on July 4th. I’ll say that was my plan all along.


A collage of four photos of recipes featuring roasted strawberries.

Roast Em’ Up!

Roasted strawberries = pure perfection.

A collage of four photos of strawberry breakfast recipes.

Berries for Breakfast!

Because who wouldn’t want to start their day off with strawberries?

A collage of four photos of recipes of strawberry desserts.

Sweet Treats!

Sweet tooth time!

A collage of four photos of recipes that include strawberries.

Random Strawberry Deliciousness!

The name says it all.

A collage of four photos of recipes including fresh strawberries.

Recipes I’ve Bookmarked to Try!

From my blogging friends around the web!

Have an absolutely wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! I’ll be back next week to chat your ear off about my new favorite whole grain … I bet you can guess which one. Hint. Yes, I’ve already blabbered on about it previously.