The Little Things – Summer 2015

Let’s talk summer happiness! Because holy smokes, it’s September.

A cute beagle yawning.

Emma is not impressed that it’s been quite a few months since I’ve written one of these posts!

In all honesty, I just wasn’t feeling them. And so they were overlooked. But! It’s been a pretty nice summer so I felt like it deserved a bit of a recap. Before I can fully embrace the amazingness that is fall!

As always, I feel like I must warn you that I do not in fact lead a very wild life. Brace yourself for many pictures of food and of course, Emma.

So, let’s chat about summer and the little things that made me smile!

Two iced coffees and a chocolate cookie split in half.

Coffee date with my mama when we were up visiting family in New Jersey. And now I want a cookie. And some iced coffee.

A tiered baby shower cake.

How gorgeous is this cake?? It was from a family baby shower (hence the trip to New Jersey). I got to hang out with some of my favorite little cousins. Such fun!

Beer bottles and cans stacked to form a "cake."

How about a totally different sort of cake? A beer cake! I was pretty proud of myself for this one – my birthday gift to the husband. I used this tutorial from Hannah over at Clean Eating Veggie Girl and was pumped about how it turned out. And I felt like I actually got him a useful gift!

Watermelon agua fresca in a glass.

Homemade watermelon agua fresca. Nuff’ said.

A woman making homemade pasta.

I also celebrated a birthday (the big 30 plus 1 – blah!) and was gifted a pasta maker attachment from my parents! Clearly the first thing to do was have a pasta making party with some friends. Please ignore that face I’m making. Apparently homemade pasta is shocking. Shocking.

A ceramic colorful mug.

This mug. A birthday gift from the sweetest friend. It’s a HAND WARMING mug. Like, instead of a normal handle there is a place where you stick your hand and it gets all warm and toasty from the hot coffee. Which you can’t see because I’m right-handed and needed that hand to take this picture. Fail.

A cheese board and wine.

Birthday night cheese board dinner while binge watching Netflix = the happiest of birthdays. I told you I live a wild life.

Homemade peach cinnamon rolls.

Brown butter peach cinnamon rolls. Mind blowing. I used this recipe from Nicole at Cooking for Keeps as inspiration, combined with my go-to cinnamon roll base recipe and just a regular brown butter glaze without cream cheese. Seriously, mind blowing.

A cute beagle sitting on someone's lap.

And what would this post be without a final picture of my favorite furry family member! Yes, she’s spoiled. With a capital S. ♥

Happy weekend!