Kindness From The Kitchen – Cookie Care Packages

Kindness. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Something that I think this world could definitely use a little bit more of. With social media and all things internet, it seems like there are more ways than ever to be mean to one another. To people we know and even to people we don’t know (maybe even more so).

And yet on the flip side, even the smallest of gestures can go such a long way in showing compassion and kindness to others. Like the way you say something … or don’t say something. Or heck even just offering up a smile or holding a door.

A kitchen counter with a stand mixer and baking supplies on top.

But of course, with me being me, my mind inevitably lands on food. I think so much joy and happiness can be shared with others through food. This was especially at the forefront of my mind during this past holiday season. One meal or invitation or goodie package can go such a long way in brightening someone’s day and spreading a little bit of kindness and goodwill.

Kindness From The Kitchen – An Introduction

Which brings me to today. And the start of a new series here on the site. I’ve been a little nervous about pulling the trigger … hence the fact that it’s now the end of March and not January (which was my original plan!). But. We’re doing this. Because kindness is always, always a good thing.

My plan is to post every now and then about different, everyday ways of showing kindness from the kitchen. Ideas that you can totally run with and make your own. To maybe inspire you to spread a little kindness in the world.

I have a slightly ridiculous list of ideas to share, but for now, we’re starting with cookies! Because everybody loves cookies. <— Truth!

A white plate with three biscotti plus more cookies and tea in the background.

So, let’s talk fun care packages!

Cookie Care Packages

Cookie care packages are by no means a novel idea. But it’s something I’ve been trying to do more often. I love to bake just for fun and let’s be real – I do not need tons and tons of cookies in the house just waiting to be eaten.

So! For me personally, I’ve been trying to send a cookie package to my grandma every now and then. I don’t live near my family, so it’s my way of staying connected, feeding others and showing a little bit of love.

But, there are so many different people you could send cookie care packages to! Use your imagination and do whatever feels right.

Tips For Shipping Cookies

  1. Pick a cookie that is on the sturdy side. Such as biscotti! Makes an excellent choice.
  2. Pick a cookie that will stay fresh for more than a day or two. Those cookies need to travel to their destination!
  3. Package your cookies up well. I typically place the cookies in an airtight container or baggie (and then put them in a decorative box if desired). If necessary, you may also want to consider layering the cookies with parchment paper to keep them from sticking, etc. I also find it helpful to keep the cookies as tightly packed as possible, so they don’t shift around a lot while traveling (and break).
  4. Protect those cookies! Take your tightly packed container of cookies and place it in the box you are going to mail it in. Then pad, pad, pad! I use either bubble wrap or mailing peanuts. You don’t want the container moving around in the box while in transit.

While you can use any service you would like, I personally am a huge fan of the USPS flat rate boxes. You can even schedule a pick up directly from your house (at least by me!).

Still looking for more tips? My friend Wendy over at The Monday Box has SO much good info on sending care packages. She regularly sends military care packages (which I love) and has lots of tips and tricks!

Biscotti and a cup of tea on a white surface.

Biscotti Cookie Recipes To Try

So let’s all try to be a little bit kinder, yes?? With cookies! I mean, you just cannot go wrong.