Kindness From The Kitchen – Invite Someone To Dinner

Oh hey! Remember this? Um, yeah. It’s been months since my first post in this series (womp womp), but we are bringing it back! Resurrecting it from the dead! And just in time for the holidays with today’s post – invite someone to dinner!

Because November 1st (<— what?????) seemed like a very appropriate day to kick things off again. First of the month. The beginning of my very favorite holiday season – helloooo Thanksgiving and Christmas! It’s madness I tell you. Where has time gone?

A bowl of soup on a wooden dining table with a bread basket and flowers in the background.

But anyway. Despite what it seems, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this series since that first post way back in March (so many ideas, so not enough time!).

Because kindness. It’s always a good thing, yes?

Which brings us to today and my second idea for how to spread a little kindness from the kitchen.

Invite Someone To Dinner

Anyone. A friend, a family member, a neighbor.

Just invite them.

The house doesn’t have to be perfect. It can even be a huge mess.

The meal doesn’t have to be perfect. Yes, you can absolutely cook a totally homemade meal. Or … order pizza. Or heck, even doctor up some store-bought food so that it looks like you made it yourself! {No but seriously, I have a friend who pulled this off so well that we were all practically begging her to give us the recipe. For what was actually boxed soup. Still cracks me up to this day!}

My point is this. It’s not about the actual meal. It’s about the gesture. And opening up your home and enjoying someone’s company.

There are so many people out there who may be eating alone for most of their meals … or those who have a tough time getting through the holidays … or others who could just use a pick me up in the form of a fun and happy meal with good company.

A wooden dining table filled with bowls of soup, flowers and a bread basket.

And there’s no time like now. Go forth and spread some cheer! And maybe we can all be just a little bit kinder this holiday season, yes? Yes!