Happy Holidays 2017!

It’s that time, Christmas time is here / Everybody knows, there’s not a better time of year

Hear that sleigh, Santa’s Emma’s on his her way / Hip, hip hooray, for Christmas vacation

Happy holidays 2017! Wishing you the merriest of christmases and the happiest of holidays! Complete with ridiculous photos of Emma in her santa suit!

It is THAT time!

Time for us to stick Emma in her doesn’t-even-fit santa outfit, bribe her with a few delicious treats and take way too many ridiculous photos all in the name of holiday cheer.

{And please tell me you know what christmas movie that song is from … and that you either have already watched it this season OR have plans to do so ASAP!}

ANYWAY. Nerdy humor aside, I am just popping in today to wish you the merriest of christmases and the happiest of holidays! I hope that you have a most wonderful holiday season filled with good food, joy and so much laughter. ♡ ♡ ♡

I’ll be signing off for the next two weeks to enjoy the holidays myself (andddd maybe to work on a few behind the scenes things for 2018!).

So with that, I’ll see you in the new year!!!

Pictures of Emma the beagle in her Christmas attire!

PS – Doesn’t Emma look totally pleased with our antics? I dub these:

1. The totally frustrated look.

2. The side eye I-don’t-trust-your-treats look.