Baked Sweet Potato Falafel

These baked sweet potato falafel? My goodness have they been a long time coming!

I’ve had the recipe ready to go for well over two months. And yet every single time I went to take photos, something came up. Like clockwork. To the point where it got a wee bit eerie. <— Seriously, it was pretty creepy!

These baked sweet potato falafel are easy to make and irresistible! With warm spices, fresh herbs and sweet potato puree!

But! Last week the falafel gods must have been smiling down on me because hey-o! We have pictures!

Success!! And oh am I glad. Because these pop-able falafel bites are just too darn delicious. They have this sort of cozy warmness … very a la the flavors in this sweet potato hummus with roasted garlic (total favorite of mine!).

AND they are super simple to make. We pulse together most of the ingredients in a food processor and then mix with some sweet potato puree, flour and egg in a bowl. Form that mixture into balls and off they go to cook in the oven! They bake up soft and moist (yes, I said it!), with a slightly crisp exterior. Now that’s how we do a fun spin on falafel!

So, a very important question. How should you serve them??? Oooo baby do we have options.

1. My go-to? With roasted veggies (carrots, parsnips and red onion, please and thank you!), a grain of some sort and tahini sauce for drizzling.

2. On top of a big ol’ delicious salad or stuffed into a pita / wrap.

3. As an appetizer with the lemon yogurt sauce from these spinach chickpea falafel!

All most excellent choices. All you should totally give a try.