Cucumber Quinoa Salad with Cherries

Raise your hand if you somehow make a giant mess each and every time you enjoy sweet summer cherries. I can’t be alone in this, right??

Don’t even get me started on when I use them in a recipe … the kitchen looks like a war zone with bright red stains everywhere. Then again, I tend to make a mess no matter what I’m doing in the kitchen, so there’s that. Probably why Emma the beagle loves to hang out under my feet.

Filled with sweet cherries, crunchy cucumber and fresh basil, this cucumber quinoa salad makes a perfect summer dish! Ready in 35 minutes or less!

But anyway! Summer cherries! They are the best, yes? And while most of the cherries I buy tend to get hoarded for snacking, I figured it would be a crying shame not to feature them in at least one recipe this season. Which brings us to today. And this cucumber quinoa salad with cherries!

Sweet. Savory. And a most excellent side dish for any summer meal, potluck or gathering!

It’s fresh and hearty and satisfying. And I would highly encourage you to serve this along with burgers of any kind. Veggie, beef, chicken! I know firsthand that it goes well with allll three.

I would also encourage you to save some of the salad for leftovers … because it makes for a fantastic lunch. Just saying.