Lemon Thyme English Muffin Bread

I am fully convinced that homemade bread has magical powers.

Between the smell, the taste! I mean, how can it not make just about any day happier and brighter?!

Bright and herby, this lemon thyme english muffin bread makes for the best toast! Simple & no knead, you’ll have homemade bread in no time!

Yes, I am that person who just claimed that bread has magical powers. I swear, I am totally normal. Ahem, maybe.

Now, please don’t go running away if you have never made bread before! Because this lemon thyme english muffin bread? It’s a most excellent place to start. The dough comes together super fast in a stand mixer (no kneading required!) … there’s only one short rise … and then off it goes to bake in the oven!

Which will make your house smell, well, magical.

So. The base of this bread recipe is an absolute go-to at my house. It’s quite fast as far as bread recipes go, and it toasts up just beautifully! Crisp on the outside and wonderfully soft on the inside. It’s carb-y perfection!!

And as for this fall-inspired flavor? You get just a touch of herby-ness from the fresh thyme and brightness from the lemon. There’s nothing super overpowering, just enough to make it a bit different.

PS – if you really aren’t feeling the bread, you should totally make these lemon thyme biscotti instead! Cookies for everyone!