Morning Glory Overnight Oats

Fun fact – I have a weeee bit of an obsessive personality when it comes to food. As in, when I get stuck on a certain flavor or combination, I can happily eat it over and over and over.

Case in point. These whole grain morning glory muffins. Light, fluffy and packed with carrots, apple, coconut and raisins (!!), I make them allll the time. To enjoy straight from the oven, to stuff in my freezer. I’ve gobbled up way more than I can even count.

These 15-minute morning glory overnight oats make for a perfect hearty and wholesome breakfast! Packed with coconut, carrot, apple and raisins!

So of course I needed to take my obsession one step further and use those same flavors in other things. Which brings us to today. And these morning glory overnight oats! Or really, those favorite muffins of mine in oatmeal form.

It had to be done. Had to.

Now, typically when I make overnight oats I make these berry vanilla overnight oats (<— total staple at our house!).

But every now and then it is just oh so much fun to shake things up a bit. Add some sassiness into breakfast! And this morning glory flavor just screams spring (and sass!). We have some orange zest, some carrots, some raisins, some apple! And walnuts and coconut, oh my!

Just about 15 minutes of prep and your breakfast can be ready to go (and grab!) for the whole week. Done and done!