Brussels Sprout Fried Brown Rice

Today we combine two of my very favorite things … brussels sprouts + fried rice!!

Which means it’s a good day. A very good day indeed.

This healthy, easy and fast brussels sprout fried brown rice is hard to resist! Filled with mushrooms, cashews and of course, brussels sprouts!

I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for brussels sprout fried brown rice with you for weeks. Weeks! But then I did something really silly and accidentally deleted all the photos I took of the dish. Womp womp. <— This is what I get for rushing and trying to do a bazillion things at the same time.

Lesson learned, lesson learned.

ANYWAY. It’s here! And since brussels sprouts are green that means it’s totally appropriate for spring. Yes? Yes. We’ll go with that.

Now, this recipe is basically a fun take on our favorite vegetable fried rice. Which is a total staple at our house and has a very classic flavor, if you will.

Today’s version is similar … just with a bit of spunk! We enjoy this frequently for dinner as a main dish, but it could absolutely work as a side as well.

It’s simple, it’s tasty AND it can be on the table in right around 35 minutes. Perrrrfect-o.