Sweet Potato and Kale Brown Rice Casserole

Let’s talk a mid-week, cheesy, pick-me-up casserole, shall we?

Because I don’t know about by you, but here in central NC it’s been rainy and chilly and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with tea and do absolutely nothing. Zip. Nadda. Zero.

Comforting sweet potato and kale brown rice casserole! Made with greek yogurt and some cheese, it’s a lighter casserole with no cream of anything soup!

That little thing called productivity? Ha! It’s such a fight whenever weather like this settles in for a few days. ESPECIALLY during the holiday season. I mean, who doesn’t want to watch Christmas movies all day long??? <— The struggle is real.

But, the thought of eating this sweet potato and kale brown rice casserole? I will say, it totally motivates me to get my butt off the couch and into the kitchen to cook! Ahhhh the power of sweet potatoes!

And! There are no cans of cream of anything involved. Just real foods. Some brown rice, some broth, a bit of cheese! Plus, of course, the aforementioned sweet potatoes and kale.

And to keep it nice and moist and slightly creamy? Greek yogurt! There’s not a strong yogurt-y taste in the final dish, it more just works its magic and helps keep the casserole from drying out while baking.

Make it for the holidays! Make it for a regular meal! Or make it to force yourself to back away from the Christmas movies! Well, just temporarily. Let’s be real.