Spring Vegetable Lo Mein

Drop whatever it is you’re doing and let’s make spring vegetable lo mein!

Because let’s be real. When we combine stir-fry and slurp-able noodles into one delectable dish? How can we not love it so!?

This spring vegetable lo mein is a healthy version of a classic take-out dish! Quick, easy and packed with plenty of green veggies!

It’s quick, it’s healthy and it’s packed with veggies. Which is pretty much the ultimate trifecta in my book. Truth be told I could absolutely eat this just about every night … if that would, you know, be considered acceptable at our house.

But alas, it’s not. So instead I settle for putting it on my menu about once a week. Which will probably continue until my beloved spring asparagus disappears from our local stores. Or until I buy it all and wipe them out for a bit (<— seriously, I have a huge asparagus buying problem. It’s a little out of hand).

But anyway, this lo mein. Let’s discuss how it goes down. We have a super simple sauce made of two main ingredients – soy sauce and hoisin sauce – along with a few spices to really pump up the flavor – like fresh ginger and garlic.

We have those aforementioned slurp-able noodles. And finally, we have plenty of fresh green veggies – asparagus, broccoli, bok choy, oh my! The veggies get quickly cooked up in a skillet and then we toss it all together.

Badda bing, badda boom, dinner is served!