Spicy Broccoli Carrot Noodle Stir-Fry

Oodles and oodles of slurpy noodles!

Just how fun is it to say oodles of noodles??? Apparently I amuse myself quite easily. Especially when we are talking about fun foodie things!

A simple broccoli carrot noodle stir-fry with a flavorful spicy soy sauce! Quick to make and so much better for you than takeout!

Like this spicy broccoli carrot noodle stir-fry! Which is full of oodles of noodles! I’m stopping now, I promise. I had to throw in one more for good measure. And also because it made me laugh. Again, the things that amuse me. Completely ridiculous.

ANYWHO, this is one of those dishes that is super simple but still interesting, you know? I made this stir-fry a number of times in the run up to the start of our kitchen reno. When we moved into our new house, we only unpacked a very small portion of my kitchen gear … since we knew it was going right back into boxes in three weeks.

And you most certainly do not need much to pull this dish together. Just your average basic kitchen tools. Nothin’ fancy. Hence why we have had this probably a few too many times in the last two weeks. But then again, slurpy noodles. Are they ever a bad thing? I certainly don’t think so!

So, the stir-fry. We have the noodles. Yes! We have crisp tender carrots and broccoli. We have crunchy cashews. And we have a spicy, ever-so-slightly sweet sort of jazzed up soy sauce “sauce.” Totally slurp-able. Totally on the table in about 35 minutes.