Life Lately – Another Move!

It certainly has been quite some time since I’ve written one of these posts!

But today, it is totally necessary. Because … we’re moving!

Life Lately - Another Move!

{Side note – can we talk about how pleased Emma is that I stuck her in a box to grab this picture? Um yeah, not so much.}

We’re actually not moving all that far … just about an hour away from where we currently are here in beauuuutiful North Carolina.

We swore when we moved into our current house that it would be a loooong time before we ever moved again. And yet here we are just three years later. Life’s funny like that, huh?

Things have been almost comically busy this summer. Between work … the coursework I’m doing … selling our house … house hunting for a new place. Apparently we like to do big things all at the same time??

But! It’s all good stuff. We’re very excited. The move is just totally bittersweet. ♡