Trail Mix Applesauce Bread

Trail mix applesauce bread! Or snack cake! Or quick bread!

Oh goodness me, the possibilities are endless for what we could call this.

Fluffy and healthy trail mix applesauce bread! Made with whole wheat flour and packed with coconut, chocolate, nuts and raisins!

Which is a terrible, terrible thing for someone like me who can’t make up their mind when it comes to silly, trivial matters. Big life decisions? I got it, I’m good. But when you want me to pick a restaurant (so many choices!!) or choose what to name a cake? Heaven help us all.

But! I kinda sorta made a decision because see, there’s a title up there!

And oh this recipe. I’m pretty excited to share this one with you. Because it’s a most perfect wholesome baking recipe for January!

It’s naturally sweetened, made with white whole wheat flour and oat bran, and uses mostly applesauce to keep it nice and moist. It’s fluffy, it’s delicious AND quite a bit of fun. Because … mix-ins!! <– i.e. the trail mix part of the bread.

We have some coconut. Some nuts, some raisins, some dark chocolate! I’m having too much fun just even talking about it.

And all that goodness combines into one oh-so-snackable quick bread. Or cake? Or loaf? Okay, no really, I’m stopping now.