Crunchy Broccoli Quinoa Salad

It’s the middle of February and I feel like we need some bright and happy colorful goodness!

In the form of this oh-so-delicious crunchy broccoli quinoa salad.

A colorful, healthy and oh so crunchy broccoli quinoa salad! With a creamy dressing and juicy golden raisins, this make-ahead dish is sure to please!

It’s flavorful, it’s plenty crunchy and it’s just so darn pretty. I mean, those colors! They SO have me thinking about spring. Well, and the fact that it was close to 80 degrees here in central North Carolina this past weekend. Say what?? I thought it was winter??

But anyway, bizarre weather aside, we need to chat about this salad.

Because it’s been on MAJOR repeat at our house over the last several weeks.

We have protein rich quinoa! Crisp tender broccoli! Super crunchy red cabbage and walnuts! Those sweet little jewels otherwise known as golden raisins!

And it all gets tied together with a dreamy, slightly creamy dressing. ♡ ♡ ♡

Ahhh, so much happiness in one little bowl. We can call it a main dish or call it a side dish, it works every which way! <— Including cold straight from the fridge when you need a little scooby snack to get through the workday.