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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Your Eating Philosophy? Are You A Vegetarian?

Nope. Not at all. But I’ve found that eating a plant-heavy diet filled with lots of veggies and healthy fats + some whole grains, legumes and fruit is what makes me feel my best. Mixed in with small portions (about the size of the palm of my hand) of high quality meat, seafood and eggs. That balance is what I’ve found works best for me and my family.

I used to incorporate full-fat dairy in my diet but after developing an allergy had to eliminate it completely. 

Let’s also be clear – this is my personal eating philosophy – what I believe in and what works for me and my family. Lots of I’s and me’s in there – you need to do what is best for you!

Let’s Talk Recipe Categories

Please be sure to read labels on ingredients based on your dietary needs. 

While I have included categories such as gluten free, vegan, soy free, etc., you are responsible for checking the ingredients on what you buy. 

All products are different – so double check!

Can I Substitute Ingredients In Your Recipes?

Of course. I’m all for experimenting in the kitchen and making things your own.

HOWEVER, please remember that I can’t guarantee the same results if you change things up.

I spend countless hours testing all my recipes but ONLY with the listed ingredients (or specific substitutions if mentioned in the individual recipe post). 

Your Recipe Didn’t Work For Me – What Gives?

I’m truly sorry that a recipe didn’t work out for you. Wasting ingredients is one of my biggest pet peeves so I understand your frustration.

It’s hard to say exactly what went wrong since I wasn’t in the kitchen with you. Did you make substitutions? That seems to be the biggest culprit when something doesn’t work out.

I’m happy to troubleshoot with you – so get in touch via the information on my contact page.

Are You Available For Health Coaching?

Thank you so much for your interest but I’m no longer offering 1-on-1 health coaching sessions. 

As this website has grown, my focus has shifted to bringing you dairy free recipes and products. 

But I do still incorporate my education and background into the content on this site. I’d encourage you to check out these healthy lifestyle posts for lots of free info on healthy habit formation. 

Can I Use Your Photo / Recipe On My Site?

Please see my terms of use page for information on this topic.