Vegan Couscous Salad with Roasted Vegetables

Today we talk vegan couscous salad with roasted vegetables!

Savory, salty, a touch sweet. Packed with whole wheat couscous, colorful veggies, fresh herbs!

A white bowl filled with Vegan Couscous Salad on a grey background with a white napkin on the side.

And finished off with a fantastic maple-tahini-apple cider vinegar dressing with orange zest and nutmeg. Which totally brings it all home in the very best of ways.

Now. The hardest part about this dish? Chopping up all the veggies and mix-ins. But … WORTH IT.

Because between the french green beans, sweet carrots, fresh garlic, crunchy walnuts and juicy raisins, this salad hits all the high points … filled with plenty of texture, flavor and color.

It makes for an easy make-ahead lunch, a delicious side OR a healthy main dish topped off with a protein of choice!

Light yet hearty, it’s perfect for that springtime transition as we mosey our way to warmer weather.

So … whip up this salad ASAP and have it at the ready waiting for you in the fridge. You won’t be disappointed.