Coconut Oil Oatmeal Cookies

Who’s ready to do a little baking? With these perfectly soft & chewy coconut oil oatmeal cookies!

Packed with plenty of rolled oats, a good amount of melt-y dark chocolate chips and the perfect touch of warm cinnamon and nutmeg, these super easy cookies are bound to please.

A Coconut Oil Oatmeal Cookie on a white plate with coffee and more cookies in the background.

And should absolutely be added to your cookie baking repertoire!

Because we all need a killer oatmeal cookie recipe, yes? Yes.

Now, what we have here today is a crazy simple dough – no mixers required. Just a few bowls, a whisk and a spatula.

Not to mention that you have options when it comes to the mix-ins. You can go classic and add all chocolate chips. OR my personal favorite combo of half dark chocolate chips + half juicy raisins. OR! Go with raisins + chopped nuts! All delicious. All most excellent choices.

So, errrr, maybe that’s a reason to make three different batches? I wouldn’t discourage this behavior.

Because oatmeal cookies make the world go round. <— That’s a fact!