Maple Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprout season is upon us! And these green baby cabbages are ready to make lots of appearances on your table over the next several months.

So! Allow me to introduce you to today’s maple mustard roasted brussels sprouts. AKA the brussels sprout recipe that you’re going to want to make allll season long.

Crazy flavorful maple mustard roasted brussels sprouts! With pure maple syrup, dijon mustard and crunchy walnuts, these sprouts are roasted to caramelized, crispy perfection! Perfect for a regular dinner, thanksgiving or christmas! Vegan and GF.

Now, I am that person who will eat brussels sprouts just about any which way. Roasted, sautéed, caramelized, sliced up raw! {Except boiled. A big ol’ no thank you coming right up for that preparation. Yuck-o.}

But! I realize that not everyone loves these little green sprouts quite as much as I do. Which is where today’s recipe comes into play.

Between a crazy flavorful maple mustard sauce and the crispy, caramelized texture from roasting in the oven, I have a feeling that this dish could possibly convert even those of you who are self proclaimed brussels sprout haters. It’s a touch sweet, plenty savory and has allll the things going for it when it comes to texture – crunchy, crispy, tender!

Not to mention that it’s super quick and easy to pull together. Making it a perfect side dish for a regular weeknight dinner OR for a big thanksgiving feast. <— Yup, I went there. Turkey day here we come!

Your kitchen is calling. And it wants you to stock up on baby cabbages ASAP.