Chewy Fruit & Nut Granola Bars

Say hello to yet another recipe that I’ve been sitting on for a very long time. In this case, three years (!!) to be exact. Oy vey. I think I have a problem.

But, all is well because today we finally get to chat about these thick and chewy fruit & nut granola bars! Perfectly sturdy, totally chewy and a fantastic on the go snack!

Homemade chewy fruit & nut granola bars! These simple bars are easy to make, perfectly sturdy and delicious! Packed with nuts and seeds!

So. Here’s the deal. Three years ago I decided to create this recipe as a homemade version of these awesome soft and chewy fruit & nut granola bars that they sold at our local Whole Foods. I was mildly obsessed with said bars, which they conveniently always placed in little baskets at the checkout section. Hello impulse buy! I could never keep my grubby little hands off them. Hence the need to create a homemade version.

It took me oh so many attempts but I finally nailed down the recipe that you are seeing here today. Which I think is pretty darn similar in taste to the version that they sold!

{Side note – of course since creating this recipe we have since moved and no longer live near a Whole Foods – so um, I have no idea if they still sell these bars???}

ANYWAY. Let’s discuss how they go down.

We start with a mix of oats, oat bran, a litttttle bit of ground cinnamon, dried cranberries and then a whole array of raw nuts and seeds! We have some cashews, walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, pepita seeds, sunflower seeds! It’s a party all up in here!

We bind it together with a combo of creamy almond butter, coconut oil, vanilla and … the key ingredient … brown rice syrup (which I explain down below). It all gets pressed into a baking dish and is baked off to golden brown snack-time perfection.

So, I’m thinking you should stock your cupboards, fridge and freezer with these delicious bars to defend against any snack attacks that may come your way in the near future. Granola bars to the rescue!