Zucchini Fritters with Tomato Corn Salsa

Zucchini fritters!!! With tomato and corn salsa!!!

Yes, I am super happy to be bringing you this fun little number today. As evidenced by the boatload of exclamation points all up there. Although, let’s be real, I am definitely an exclamation point user on the regular, so that’s not really anything new, huh?

Perfectly crisp and fresh, these zucchini fritters are so fun for summer! Topped with yogurt and a simple tomato corn salsa!

Now, I meant to get these fritters shared with you earlier in the season, but, well, clearly that didn’t happen. However! Everything’s A-Okay because you definitely still have plenty of time to make these before summer officially comes to a close.

On that topic, I still kinda sorta can’t believe that Labor Day weekend is pretty much just around the corner. Like, how did this happen? But then, I also feel like I’ve had plenty of time to really savor the season. It’s a total conundrum I tell you!

But what is not a conundrum? Whether or not you should make these fritters! <— Smooth transition right there, yes?

Perfectly crispy and totally fresh, they are a bit hard to turn down. Especially since they also happen to be super simple, just plain ol’ fun AND are of course packed with zucchini! And with that easy tomato corn salsa for topping? You better believe that I am completely smitten.

{Side note – these fritters are sort of a mash-up of two of my other favorite easy summer recipes – these corn fritters with tomato avocado salsa and this fresh corn and tomato open-faced sandwich. Which I’m thinking you also want to make before the end of the season. Oh goodness – too many delicious recipes, too little time!}