Healthier Pistachio Muffins

Let’s talk about a delicious snack time option today, shall we? In the form of these soft and fluffy healthier pistachio muffins!

Or otherwise known as a more wholesome alternative to those blindingly green ones that they sell at your local grocery store.

Healthier pistachio muffins! Easy and simple to make, this homemade version is so much better than the kind from the store! Moist, fluffy and packed with wholesome ingredients like whole wheat flour, greek yogurt and honey! Excellent for snacking!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve long been a sucker for the store-bought version, which made frequent appearances at our house growing up.

But, I figured it was high time to come up with my own take that would be a tad bit better for me AND that I could whip up at a moment’s notice.

And let me tell you that today’s homemade muffins do not disappoint. They’re soft, moist and packed to the brim with PLENTY of crunchy pistachios – like way more than the ones from the store! Not to mention that they’re super easy to make and have a number of healthier swaps (like white whole wheat flour, oat bran, yogurt and olive oil) that don’t compromise any flavor.

And about that flavor … these kinda sorta remind me of baklava. Between some honey for sweetness, a touch of cinnamon, dreamy vanilla and almond extracts, and of course all the nuts, they just have that feel. Baklava muffins anyone?

ANYWAY. Enjoy them plain as is, slather them with some butter or top with a smear of nut butter. Any which way, you cannot go wrong.