Creamy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Fettuccine

It’s fall y’all!! And … wait for it … it actually feels like fall. Finally (finally!!).

I busted out my cozy pjs, shuffled around the house this morning in my most favorite slippers, poured myself a cup of steaming hot coffee and now, now, it’s time to chat this creamy whole wheat pumpkin fettuccine in celebration of the most wonderful time of the year!!

Dreamy, creamy whole wheat pumpkin fettuccine! Just 30 minutes to this healthier fall spin on classic alfredo! Dairy free, vegan and delicious!

Sauce-y, pumpkin-y pasta that is oh so cozy, filled with the flavors of the season and only takes about 30 minutes to get on the table. Now that is definitely how we celebrate the start of fall.

And did I mention that there’s absolutely no heavy cream involved? And that’s it’s dairy-free and vegan and even the dairy-loving members of your household will not mind one little bit? Because it’s so incredibly creamy and luscious that you can’t even tell???

Cozy fall food for the win.

And we have all this to thank from one of my favorite foods, the nutty delicious little cashew. We blend some together with a bit of broth and almond milk to make a cashew “heavy cream.” <— The husband actually thought it was heavy cream when he saw it – tricky tricky!!

Between our tricky heavy cream, pumpkin puree and a touch more almond milk, we are left with a crazy simple sauce that is packed with flavor and delightfully pretty in color (and not to mention won’t leave you feeling all weighed down and heavy). It gets tossed with piping hot whole wheat fettuccine, spooned into a bowl and then off we go. Pumpkin perfection.

{Also, in case you were wondering … today’s pasta + these soft & chewy whole wheat pumpkin cookies = almost exactly one can of pumpkin puree. Meant to be friends, meant to be.}