Dairy Free Chicken Taquitos

Crunchy, creamy and packed with flavor, these easy dairy free chicken taquitos are sure to be a family favorite! Filled with shredded chicken, dairy free cream cheese and warm spices, they’re baked in the oven to crispy perfection. Egg free with a gluten free option.

Dairy Free Chicken Taquitos on a platter with toppings to the side.

Looking for a simple family-friendly recipe? These delicious dairy free chicken taquitos are here to please.

Baked in the oven to crunchy perfection, they’re easy to make and oh-so-fun when served up with all your favorite toppings for dipping. 

Guacamole, salsa, dairy free sour cream. There’s something for everyone – both kiddos and adults alike.

Serve with a green vegetable, fruit or a salad and you got yourself a fantastic dinner that’s perfect for the entire family.