Dairy Free Restaurant Guide – Pinehurst, NC

Heading to Pinehurst, North Carolina? Grab my insider’s list of all the best dairy free options at local restaurants. From bakeries to lunch spots to dinnertime staples, I’ve got you covered with my go-to favorites in Pinehurst, Southern Pines and the surrounding areas. 

Pine trees with text overlay - Dairy Free Restaurant Guide - Pinehurst, NC.

Disclaimer: As always, please be sure to carefully read all restaurant menus and double check with your server / restaurant manager to confirm that a dish is dairy free. While the listed options were dairy free at the time of writing, recipes can change, menus can change, restaurants can change. It’s up to you to confirm before dining!

Traveling to Pinehurst? Or maybe you’re new to the area (or newly dairy free)? 

Let’s talk about different options for dining out.

After living in Pinehurst for about six years and trying many different restaurants, I’ve compiled a list of my go-to spots that either have a decent amount of dairy free options OR are accommodating for different allergies / intolerances. 

Before we get into the list, a few notes:

  1. Most of the restaurants are located in either Pinehurst or Southern Pines. There are a few that are in Whispering Pines or Aberdeen (which are right in the same general area).
  2. As with many small towns, there aren’t quite as many choices or as high a level of allergy awareness as in larger cities. So just keep that in mind and make sure you’re clear when ordering.