Fresh Cherry Tomato Salsa

Grab your party hats, a big bag of chips and maybe a refreshing summer beverage because today we chat this fresh cherry tomato salsa!

And in my opinion, chips + salsa equals a rockin’ good time. <— I know, I know, I live such a wild and crazy life!

This healthy & easy fresh cherry tomato salsa is a summer staple! Serve with chips, in your favorite tacos or spooned over eggs! And just 15 minutes or less to make!

No but seriously. This is the good stuff right here.

Especially since we can have this healthy, easy and homemade salsa ready to go in 15 minutes flat. Or, really, about 10 minutes if you don’t stop every two seconds to see what your nutty beagle is whining about from the other room. The answer? Treats. Always always trying to get treats.

ANYWAY. This recipe is another answer to the question what do I do with allll these extra fresh cherry tomatoes? I have a tendency to buy a wee bit too many this time of year (because they are just SO darn good), but maybe you have a surplus from your garden instead?

Either way. This salsa works! {In addition to this roasted cherry tomato soup and this fresh cherry tomato sauce! Both are most excellent options as well!}

Now, are you not feeling the chips + salsa idea? Don’t you worry, because there are plenty of ways to put this goodness to use:

  • Spooned over scrambled eggs.
  • As a topping for some killer avocado toast.
  • Served over a grilled protein of choice.
  • In your favorite tacos or burritos!

And yes, you better believe that I’ve tried them all. I told you, I have a problem with summer tomatoes.