Dairy Free Broccoli Casserole

Creamy, cheesy and super cozy, this dairy free broccoli casserole is a fantastic side dish for the holidays or colder weather! With flavorful fresh veggies, a dreamy cashew based sauce and a crispy cracker topping for the ultimate finishing touch, it’s comfort food at its finest. Vegetarian with a gluten free option.

A white baking dish filled with Dairy Free Broccoli Casserole.

This creamy, dreamy dairy free broccoli casserole?

It may not be the prettiest looking dish on the block but what it lacks in looks it most definitely makes up for in taste.

  • We have tender fresh broccoli.
  • A “cheesy” cashew based cream sauce.
  • And a crispy, crunchy, buttery cracker topping. 

All combining into a cozy comfort food side dish that’s perfect for your holiday table OR a regular ol’ dinner.

But the best part? There’s no cream of mushroom soup involved. 

Which is typically used in classic broccoli casserole … along with copious amounts of mayo and shredded cheese.

Making today’s version not just dairy free but also a smidge healthier! And you won’t mind one little bit.