Chocolate Golden Milk

So here’s my question. Can I actually call this chocolate golden milk since, um, it’s not really golden in color?

I mean, it’s got a bit of a tinge that makes it slightly different looking than regular hot chocolate. But it’s by no means all bright yellow and gorgeous like the traditional recipe.

This easy and healthy chocolate golden milk is a perfect bedtime treat! With warm almond milk, cocoa powder, spices and topped with whipped coconut cream!

Do you see my dilemma? It’s a conundrum I tell you!

But wait. Let’s first back it up for a second. Are you familiar with golden milk (also known as a turmeric latte)? In case you aren’t, it’s basically warm milk infused with turmeric and a few other spices like cinnamon and black pepper.

It’s definitely got a unique flavor … but it’s warm and cozy and calming. And it makes a regular appearance at our house around bedtime because I’m kinda sorta obsessed.

Which brings us to today and this chocolate-y version. Which is essentially golden milk with a touch of chocolate. Not like full-blown hot chocolate with a dash of turmeric. Does that make sense? Yes? Yes?

I’d argue that it’s a great way to sort of ease into golden milk if you’ve never had it before (and are a bit wary of that aforementioned unique flavor). Because … chocolate. And on the flip side, if you regularly enjoy yourself a delicious turmeric latte, then it’s a fun way to switch things up. Because … again … chocolate.

And um, if you go ahead and top it with some whipped coconut cream? Oh me, oh my. That’s the good stuff right there.