Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes

You’ll fall head over heels for these dreamy dairy free chocolate cupcakes! Soft, fluffy and oh-so-chocolatey, they’re paired with the most silky dairy free buttercream for an incredible combination. Easy to make and wonderfully classic, they’re fantastic for birthdays, parties or any occasion. Nut free and soy free.

Several Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes with some split in half on a plate.

These incredible dairy free chocolate cupcakes are the ultimate chocolate lover’s treat!

Featuring a soft and fluffy cupcake base paired with swirls of the most silky dairy free chocolate buttercream frosting, it’s a match made in dessert heaven.

And did I mention they’re incredibly easy to make?

Just a few bowls and no fancy equipment needed.

Perfectly decadent, mega chocolatey and wonderfully classic, they’re a dreamy treat for just about any special occasion.