Mediterranean Burgers with Whipped Feta

Mediterranean Burgers with Whipped Feta |

Can I tell you how excited I am that we are totally 100% absolutely in grilling season?? Which means … that we are also in the season where my husband helps make dinner! I don’t mean that in a bad way or anything – with all the cooking that I do I prefer to make our meals anyway. But I am a walking disaster when it comes to being a klutz and I have quite the problem of tending to hurt myself doing stupid things.

Hence I am not allowed to touch the grill. Too many possibilities of injuring myself – which has already happened several times in the past. So now I don’t go near it. I just prepare the food and then pass it off to my husband. And then proceed to stand around and supervise when it’s something that I plan to share on the blog. I’m sure he highly enjoys me constantly timing what he’s cooking, asking endless questions and sitting there with my computer making recipe notes. The joys of being married to a food blogger?

Whatevs. I more than make up for it in delicious food. Plus I think it’s fun to cook together. He may disagree on that point – that whole I can be annoying thing.

Mediterranean Burgers with Whipped Feta |

But enough about my injury prone self. Let’s talk burgers. I’ve been meaning to create some new burger recipes to share here with you, so when Vijay over at NoshOn.It sent an email asking me to participate in #BurgerWeek I was all over it. I can absolutely get down with delicious juicy burgers. And on that note – make sure you head to the end of this post to find some other awesome burger recipes from this tasty event!

So let’s get to these mediterranean burgers with whipped feta. The burger base itself is nice and flavorful – full of spices, red onion and just a little hint of dijon mustard. Probably my new favorite base for a burger. Just sayin.

And then there are the toppings. Sliced roasted red peppers, a sprinkle of fresh parsley and the really good stuff. Whipped feta. Cloudlike, creamy and fluffy. Flavored up with a little lemon and more parsley. You will have extra whipped feta, so get ready to slather it all over toast or eat with other veggies as a snack. So good.

Mediterranean Burgers with Whipped Feta |

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Yield: 4 burgers

Mediterranean Burgers with Whipped Feta

Recipe for mediterranean burgers. Juicy, spice-filled burgers topped with roasted red peppers, parsley and creamy, fluffy whipped feta.

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For the whipped feta:

  • 8 ounces feta, crumbled
  • 2 ounces mascarpone
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

For the burgers:

  • 1 pound ground sirloin
  • 1 tablespoon minced red onion
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon dried oregano
  • ¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
  • ½ teaspoon worcestershire sauce

For serving:

  • 4 burger buns, toasted (if desired)
  • sliced roasted red peppers
  • chopped fresh parsley


  1. To make the whipped feta – add the feta, mascarpone and olive oil to the bowl of a food processor. Process until creamy and fluffy, about 2 to 3 minutes, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed. Add in the lemon zest and parsley and process until incorporated.
  2. To make the burgers – in a medium bowl, add the sirloin, onion, salt, oregano, red pepper, garlic, mustard and worcestershire. Mix until combined (but don’t overwork the meat). Form into four patties.
  3. Light up a grill (charcoal or gas) over medium high heat. When ready, cook the burgers for about 3 to 4 minutes per side, or until they are done to your liking.
  4. To serve, place a hamburger on a bun. Top with your desired amount of whipped feta, a few slices of the roasted red peppers and a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

The amounts listed for the whipped feta will make more than you need for the four burgers. The extra is delicious on toast, with crackers, with fruit, veggies, you name it!

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